Five Locations Rumoured To Be The Headquarters Of The Illuminati

Disney Land 

Walt Disney World - Florida

Walt Disney has been the subject to many rumours across the internet in relation to his ties to the Freemasons. In 1988 an American author, Fritz Sprinmeirer published his book; “Bloodlines of the Illuminati’ with the intention of exposing the New World Order agenda. The book contains various essays on so called elite bloodlines, rumoured to be involved in the Illuminati.

One of these essays is “The Disney Bloodline.” This particular essay analyses the high levels of deception surrounding Disney World. With EPCOT (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow) rumoured to be a symbol of the Illuminati’s New World Order domination, it’s no wonder that red flags were raised when Disney released their latest attraction on 1st October 1982, The EPCOT Centre. Essentially a prototype city and cultural centre built inside a gigantic golf ball, it was rumoured that this was actually another ploy carried out by Disney World as an extension to their mind control antics.


Statue of Liberty

Statue Of Liberty – New York City

When the Statue Of Liberty was delivered to the United States from France in 1885, the entire operation was engineered by the Freemasons. Adding to the mystery of the statue, three key designers were involved; Richard Hunt who designed the pedestal that statue sits on, Gustave Eiffel who designed the support structure and Frederic Bartholdi who designed the statue itself. All three men were members of the Freemasons.

On top of the facts that the statue was designed by the Freemasons, the Statue Of Liberty was originally meant to be called “Liberty Enlightening The World.” Enlightenment is a recurring theme amongst the Illuminati society.

Which begs the question, why did the United States, accept a statue from a secret society, and display it for the world to see?


The Pentagon

The Pentagon – Washington D.C

Have you ever had a close look at a dollar bill? On the back you will see what is referred to as “The Great Seal.” The seal could be seen as a declaration to the Illuminati. The first thing to notice is the pyramid with the illuminated all seeing eye. A well-known symbol of the Illuminati. Carved into the base level of the pyramid are the roman numerals ‘MDCCLXXVI” which is the numerical number for 1776, also known as the date of the Declaration Of Independence. Once again, a common number throughout the Illuminati society.


Above the pyramid is the Latin phrase ‘Annuit Coeptis” which stems from the Latin word “annuo,” translating to “to approve or to favour.” Below the pyramid is the phrase “Novus Ordo Seclorum.” A common phrase associated with the Illuminati, and even considered to be their main agenda – “New Order Of The Ages.”

The update to the dollar bill to include “The Great Seal” was not completed until 1935, followed by the construction of The Pentagon in 1941. It is no wonder that with the symbolism on the dollar bill, and the headquarters of the United States military taking a physical form of the symbol, that the Pentagon is rumoured to be one of the headquarters of the Illuminati.


Area 51

Area 51 - 37.2431° N, 115.7930° W

Perhaps one of the only places in the world that no one from the outside really knows what’s going on inside. A place that can only be recognised on google maps as an empty desert. We all know that there is something hiding here that they do not want us to see.

It may be complete speculation, but what better place to have the headquarters of a secret society, a completely secret location, that cannot even be seen from satellite.


Salt Lake Temple

Salt Lake LDS Temple - Salt Lake City

Founded by Professor Adam Weishaupt in Bavaria in 1776, Weishaupt sought to cast aside organised religion in favour of a new form of illumination, through reason. Weishaupt was inspired by the dramatic spread of the Enlightenment across Europe. On his quest to recruit the wealthiest and most influential men in Europe, a lot of The Illuminati’s recruits were from the masonic lodges of The Freemasons.

Members of the Bavarian Illuminati were referred to as “Perfectibilists.” The society used Cipher, a cryptic code, to disguise all of their communication, and each member was given a classical nickname. For example, the founder, Adam Weishaupt was known as Spartacus.


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