What to drink now: Illuminati Vodka

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and what better way to help the father figure in your life celebrate than with the perfect luxury vodka?

Illuminati Vodka has you covered this year with personalised bottles, all presented in an elegantly understated limited edition gift box. The standout bottle design will be sure to capture the imagination of anyone who lays their eyes on it!

A light, refreshing and sophisticated spirit, crafted to deliver a subtle-on-the-palate signature brand flavour and produced with the highest quality Polish cultivated rye grain.

This ultra-premium vodka, with an unparalleled and exceptional velvety softness, is presented in a uniquely eye-catching bottle – matte-black, featuring a distinctive blue fibre-optic-lit logo ‘Eye of God’ motif which glows softly.
The unique seven-step distillation process, which includes filtering the liquid through charcoal to remove all microscopic impurities, Illuminati Vodka is crafted using only the finest ingredients and with the utmost care. The final step within the process sees the liquid aged in steel vats – a traditional technique that clarifies the taste – allowing the spirit to rest and the flavours to synergise, coming together in harmony to deliver a sleek, balanced taste with a delicate finish and a silken texture.
For more info check out illuminativodkaltd.com