Illuminati Vodka: Building A Premium Spirit Brand

If you’re wondering what that chill in the air is, look no further. A vodka, smooth as it is bold, unique in design and elite in taste, is the new master of the market: Illuminati Vodka. 

If a drink could evoke a sense of refinement, rattle the status quo, all while commanding a room, Illuminati Vodka has achieved it. And with its black matte bottle, unique light-up logo, and smooth, crisp taste, it’s little wonder.

Distilled seven times using raw, high quality products, Illuminati Vodka is an ultra-premium vodka. Made from rye, the rye is sourced from one trusted partner to ensure 100% traceability. The water, filtered and purified, binds the complexity of the rye and the complementary tones of additional sweetener. The filtration process is performed through charcoal, removing the microscopic impurities to lock in that refreshing, smooth taste. 

Now, this is where most vodka brands would finish their process, but using a centuries-old technique of aging vodka in vats, Illuminati Vodka goes the extra mile to refine the taste and stake its claim as a cut above the rest. 

How It All Began

Illuminati Vodka is the brainchild of three creative and enterprising friends, James, Kelly, and Gabby. James, the founder, had a vision for a superior vodka and initially set the brand up in Poland. Having come back to the UK however, and upon lighting a spark in the minds of his fellow visionaries, a new and ambitious goal was set to relaunch the brand in the UK. 

Kelly was able to bring some business ingenuity to the brand. Having started her career at nineteen as a professional golfer, both playing and coaching, Kelly harnessed skills that later proved compatible with entrepreneurship. After trying her hand in business at Costa Coffee, the UK’s largest coffee franchise, she quickly worked her way up to Operations Director before moving on to work with a FTSE 250 company. 

When it came to design for the brand, Gabby was brimming with vision. Before the team’s endeavour, Gabby’s passion for design had led her to setting up her own business. Having put herself through university by working in hotels, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, she had developed a feel for the industry that helped her cultivate clients from clubs, pubs, and bars. This gave her a commanding edge in designing for the market. 

Together, the three were a natural and perfect match. All it took was one night out on the town with flowing drinks and inspired conversation. After several hours of kicking around ideas, Illuminati Vodka was born. 

“Before we knew it, we were in business together.” 

Starting an Alcohol Brand: The Challenges, Rewards and Advice 

Though there are several hurdles when setting up an alcohol business, the team at Illuminati Vodka will be the first to tell you the reward is worth the risk. The key to getting the brand off the ground is resilience, preparedness to learn from the experience, and conviction in your dream.

“In Illuminati Vodka we found this brand and partnership that we became so passionate about, which is what drives us further forward every day.”

From obtaining an alcohol licencing qualification to building partnerships with suppliers, there is a lot that goes into establishing an alcohol brand. In addition, Illuminati Vodka had the challenge of moving its production from Poland to the UK during the year of Brexit. The team had to overcome everything from language barriers to the tactical obstacle of physically moving the vodka to the UK. 

“But they were all good lessons to learn,” they say. “You have to be prepared all the time for people to tell you that things can’t be done. It’s always more fun anyway when you prove people wrong through perseverance.” 

So, for those of you with a dream to establish your own alcohol brand, don’t give up on it.

“Our advice would definitely be to go for it. If you have a passion for something it is always worth the risk.”

Looking to the Future 

With a high-quality product and a fierce and devoted team, Illuminati Vodka are setting the world alight. 

“We have full belief that our vodka is going to be up at the top and that is the only place we are aiming.”

And they are full steam ahead. Coming soon, Illuminati Vodka will be launching a raspberry flavour. With the same eye-catching bottle, now with a pink light-up logo, this version will have all the right moxie for those who love a flavoured vodka. 

With another three lines planned for later in the year, and their own branded ice rocks on the way, Illuminati Vodka have their eyes set on the future. Stay posted for sneak previews of upcoming products on Instagram @illuminativodka

Join Us for a Drink

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur with your own grand vision, or you’re after a glass of that elite quality, the energy and products of Illuminati Vodka are bringing it. The only question left is how best to serve it.

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