Illuminati Vodka is the future of elite vodka

We’re not unfamiliar with a stiff drink so clink clink!

Coming off the hellscape year that 2020 was, this one isn’t off to a much better start. With impeachments, Brexit and literal plague in the air, there are those whose first instinct will return to baking and reading again but for lockdown 3.0, no one will judge you for having a drink or two and if you do, you should be drinking Illuminati Vodka.

Smoother than the other heavyweight vodkas out there, it’ll convert even the most die-hard gin or rum drinkers. You can, of course, take it old school with a coke or lemonade mixer but throwing Illuminati Vodka into a Cosmopolitan or Screwdriver is where it really shines. That afterburn feeling you get with a lot of brands is absent and only accentuates the accompanying flavours, allowing you to kick back and relax with your drinks without wincing every sip.

The lightweight bottle with a premium feel is nothing to turn your nose up at. Sophisticated and elegant, the sleek dark design is a much-needed refresh from the expected glass see-through variant which only fills you with sadness when you realise how much you’ve actually consumed. Not only that, Illuminati Vodka does one better with fibre optics built to highlight their logo, taking it from a standard to a showpiece you don’t want to set down.

It’s not just premium because it says so, Illuminati Vodka backs it up by delivering impressive finishes in both branding and taste. The perfect fit for a few chilled ones in, a couple of cocktails with the girls, or if you’re celebrating in style, Illuminati Vodka is the way to go.